Certificate Course in Python

  1. Course Details

Python has become one of the most favourite programming languages. With this course, it will be fruitful for beginners to step in the world of programming. Our course will help them to learn, grasp and implement with finesse. As we at MITCON e-school, undertake an extensive Python Training, so we have extremely limited seats. We make sure to teach students right from scratch thus making them assimilate basic methodologies of Python. Moreover, the entire course is complemented by live projects, assignments and boast practical knowledge of programming language.

  1. here Course Syllabus Module 1 – Python Overview

This section primarily covers about the basic knowledge of Python, its history, feature and functionality. Here, we focus on various versions of Python, setup Python environment and discuss about IDE’s. We also help you with your first Python program using variable, keywords, etc.

Buy Phentermine 2015 Module 2 – Core Objects and Built-in Functions

In this module, we discuss about various modules, packages, built in functions, etc. We briefly explain about variables, Python data types, Python core objects and functions, number, string, list, dictionaries, tuple, set, generator, file, built-in modules, etc.

follow url Module 3 – Sequences and File handling

With this module, you’ll have hands-on exposure on condition and loop statements, Python decorators and generator, modules & packages, files & directories manipulation, etc. We also tutor to read, write and append files using file objects as well as use various files and directory functions for OS operations. Module 4 – Data Structures, data processing and User Defined Functions

We tutor about the complex data structures in Python along with arbitrary data types and their data structure. Further emphasis is given on Python’s built in function, user defined function, package function, defining and calling function and anonymous functions – Lambda functions.

Order Xanax Online Cheap Module 5 – Object Oriented Python and Exceptional Handling

In this, object-oriented features are explained with real world examples on OOP. We help you implement OOP with Python furthermore creating class and objects, destroying object, accessing attribute and built-in class attribute. We teach overriding methods, data hiding, overloading operator and Python exception handling. We teach exception handling clauses like try….except…else, try-finally clause along with creating self-exception class. We also include Python Standard Exceptions as well user-defined exceptions. Module 6 – Debugging, Database handling and Project Skelton

We teach you debugging of Python programs using PDB debugger, Pycharm debugger and assert statement for debugging. We undertake testing using UnitTest Framework, project Skelton and using Nose framework furthermore creating database with SQLite 3, CRUD operation and database object. We also emphasise on Python MySQL database access, DML and DDL operations with database, handling database error and disconnecting database.

follow link Module 7 – Regular Expression, Package Installation, Windows spreadsheet parsing and webpage scrapping

We explain about regular expressions, match and search function. Also, we elaborate about compile and matching, compare matching and searching, search and replace feature using RE, extended regular expressions, wildcard characters and their utility. Along with this, we tutor about pip, easy_install, Pycharm and set up the environment to install packages for XLS interface and XLS parsing with Python. We also help create XLS reports and introduce you to web scraping and beautiful soup.

  1. Who should attend?

Actually, everyone but particularly – web developers, application programmers, automation engineer, testers, system administrators, UNIX/NT power users, data analyst, Hadoop programmers and networking professionals.

  1. FAQ’S Q: What are the pre-requisites for Python Training?

A: Aspirants who are well aware of the basics of Programming, SQL along with knowledge about object-oriented programming would be an advantage. Q: What are the benefits of Python training?

Python is immensely popular and so there are an array of job opportunities wherein you can get placed with reputed IT companies. You might get a job right after the course too!

enter Q: Do I get job assistance?

A: Yes, we vouch for 100% job assistance and have many success stories to share!

  1. Why us?

MITCON e-school offers an extensive coverage of Python Programming language. We do not believe in hidden agendas and thus practice transparency when it comes to teaching. Our experienced staff is our forte who bestow outright knowledge making our students well-prepared for the industry challenges. Our job assistance helps with lucrative job for our students, thus helping them carve a successful career!

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