Course Name : Certificate Course in Programming (Using Core Java)

This course aims to build a strong foundation in JAVA programming for students aspiring careers in mobile App development and web based development.

This course provides all essentials of core JAVA that are required to be a developer. The students get a strong foundation in not just syntax building but also object oriented principles and its execution by creating an application.

  • 10th and 12th class students
  • Undergraduates, graduates and post graduates
  • Job aspirants

Computer basics:

  • C Programming
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (will prove beneficial )
# Topics Covered
1 Introduction to JAVA
2 Data Types and Variables
3 Operators and Expressions
4 Control Flow Statements
5 Methods
6 Object Oriented Programing Concepts
7 Objects and Classes
8 Using Java Objects
9 Inheritance in Java
10 Packages
11 Exception Handling
12  Input / Output Streams
13 Collection Framework
14 Inner Classes
15 Introduction to Threads
16 Interfaces and Abstract Classes
17 Serialization
18 Generics
19 Project assignment
Total no. of hours 40

On completion of this course the students can work as

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Game Developer

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