Course Name : Certificate Course in Programming (Using Advance Java)

This course teaches how to write multi-threaded Java applications using advance skills such as generics, threads, reflection, annotations and sockets.

The students will learn to use Java Platform Standard Edition to develop applications for desktop, web and mobile. The advance Java skills give better understanding of versatility, portability, and enhanced security while programming any application.

  • 10th and 12th class students
  • Undergraduates, graduates and post graduates
  • Job aspirants
  • Computer Basics
  • Java fundamentals
# Topics Covered
1 Introduction (Review of Java, IDE, Packages and Jar Basics)
2 Streams and File Input/Output
3  Multithreading
4  Collections
5  Java Network Programming
6  Java Database Connectivity
7  Java Servlets
8  Java Beans and Java Server Pages
9  Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
10 Java Message Service (JMS)
11 Java and XML
12 Web Services
13 Introduction to Struts
14 Hibernate
Total no. of hours 40

On completion of this course the students can work as

  • Java Programmer
  • Web Application Developer

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