Course Name : Certificate Course in Java Scripting

This course aims to teach students how to use Javascript to turn static html pages into dynamic interactive webpages.

This course gives an in-depth understanding of client side scripting language and its importance in building effective UI experience. The students will learn event handling and trapping actions taking place on user end of the website. Towards the end of the course the students build a working website project.

  • 7th , 8th , 9th , 10th and 12th class students
  • Undergraduates, graduates and post graduates
  • Job aspirants

Computer basics:

  • Computer Basics
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • C Programming (will prove beneficial )
# Topics Covered
1 Introduction to Javascripts
2 Javascript Syntax
3 Variables & Data Types
4 Working with Objects and operators
5 Understanding Javascript functions
6 Comparisons
7 Understanding HTML DOM and DOM CSS
8 Switch
9 Learn form validation and user events
10 Learn about browser functions and features
11 Javascript style properties
12 Popup Boxes
13 Project Assignment
Total no. of hours 40

On completion of this course the students can work as

  • UI programmer
  • Javascript Programmer
  • UI Project Manager

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