Course Name: Advance Diploma in Networking &IT Administration

Course Duration: 400 hours

This course is aimed to develop skills of individuals beginning with Desktop Support / Technical Support Role and progressing further to Network Engineer and Server Administration Role in IT-IMS Sector.

In this course student learn Computer Hardware components, Basic + Advance Networking, Operating System, Server Administration Skills (Using Microsoft Server) and trouble shooting skills. The contents are designed by industry experts keeping in view the skills required at the work place at the entry level jobs and the anticipated career road map in IT-IMS sector. After completion of this course recommended International Certification examinations are as follows:

Test Owner Exam Name Testing Centre
Comptia A+, N+ Pearson VUE
Cisco CCNA Pearson VUE
Microsoft Server Windows 8.1 Configuration
Pearson VUE
Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (70-410) Pearson VUE
Administering Windows Sever 2012 (70-411) Pearson VUE
Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (70-412) Pearson VUE
Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure (70-413) Pearson VUE
Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure (70-414) Pearson VUE
  • Any Engineering Graduate
  • Any Non IT Graduate
  • HSC Passed
  • College Drop Out

Module 1:

  • Patch Management
  • Application Management
  • Security Management
  • Back Up Management
  • Connectivity

Module 2:

  • Basic + Advance Networking
    • Network Component
    • IP address
    • Topology Diagram
    • Networking Protocols
    • Configuration – Switch, WAP, WAP 2
    • OSI Layer
    • Configure Router & Switches using console cable
    • Configure the Hardware Firewall
    • Block unwanted web site using Firewall
    • Traffic Shaping
    • Taking and Restoring the Backup of Router, Switches & Firewall
    • Reset the Password
    • Configure VPN on different site
    • Routing Protocols (Static, Default, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF)
    • NAT/PAT
    • Access Router using Telnet
    • Create VLAN
    • Configure VTP Domain
    • Switch port Port security
    • Spanning Tree Protocol
    • Configure ACL
    • IOS/TFTP
    • Access the router using SDM

Module 3:           

  1. Introduction to Windows Server 2012 (Standard Edition):


  1. Windows 8.1 Configuration:
  • Overview of Windows 8.1
  • Installing Windows 8.1
  • Deploying Windows 8.1
  • Management Tools
  • Managing Profiles
  • Migrating User State
  • Managing Disk and Device Driver
  • Configuring Network Connectivity
  • Managing File Access
  • Managing Printer Sharing
  • Configuring Firewall
  • Optimizing and Maintaining
  • Maintaining Windows Update
  • Recovering Windows
  • Client Hyper v


  1. Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012:
  • Introduction to Windows server 2012
  • Installation of Windows Server 2012
  • Configuration of windows server 2012
  • Deploying Windows Server 2012
  • Introduction to Active Directory
  • Installing Domain Controller
  • Describe implementing IPv6
  • Implementing DNS
  • Configuring & Managing DHCP
  • Configuring File and Print Services
  • Implementing GPO
  • Virtualization technologies, Hyper-V
  • Implementing Storage
  • Uses of Powershell
  1. Administering Windows Sever 2012:
  • Managing Users & Groups
  • Implementing Group Policy Infrastructure
  • Maintaining Domain Name System
  • Maintaining Active Directory
  • Implementing Network Access Protection
  • Configuring Remote Access
  • Implement and Monitoring Server Update
  • Implementing DFS
  • Implementing VPN
  • Configuration of Encryption & Auditing
  • Deploying & Maintaining Server Images
  1. Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services:
  • Implementing Advanced file services
  • Implementing Advanced Network Services
  • Implementing Failover Clustering
  • Implement network Load Balance
  • Implementing Dynamic Access Control
  • Implement Disaster Recovery
  • Implementing distributed Active Directory Domain Services
  • Implementing AD DS sites and replication
  • Implementing AD Federation Services
  • Implementing AD Certification
  • Implement AD Rights Management
  1. Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure:
  • Planning Server Upgrade and Migration
  • Planning a Server Upgrade and Migration
  • Planning and Implementing a Server Deployment Strategy
  • Planning and Deploying Servers Using Virtual Machine Manager
  • Designing and Maintaining an IP Configuration and Address Management Solution
  • Designing and Implementing Name Resolution
  • Designing and Implementing an Active Directory Domain Services Forest and Domain Infrastructure
  • Designing and Implementing an AD DS Organizational Unit Infrastructure
  • Designing and Implementing a Group Policy Object Strategy
  • Designing and Implementing an AD DS Physical Topology
  • Planning and Implementing Storage and File Services
  • Designing and Implementing Network Protection
  • Designing and Implementing Remote Access Services



  1. Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure:
  • Overview of Management in an Enterprise Data Center
  • Planning and Implementing a Server Virtualization Strategy
  • Planning and Implementing Networks and Storage for Virtualization
  • Planning and Deploying Virtual Machines
  • Planning and Implementing a Virtualization Administration Solution
  • Planning and Implementing a Server Monitoring Strategy
  • Planning and Implementing High Availability for File Services and Applications
  • Planning and Implementing a High Availability Infrastructure Using Failover Clustering
  • Planning and Implementing a Business Continuity Strategy
  • Planning and Implementing an Public Key Infrastructure
  • Planning and Implementing an Identity Federation Infrastructure
  • Planning and Implementing Data Access for Users and Devices
  • Planning and Implementing an Information Rights Management Infrastructure

Soft Skill Module:

  • Communication Skills
  • Interview Grooming
  • Guidance on Employment

On completion of this course the students can work as

  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Server Specialist
  • Systems Administrator
  • Network Administrator

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