Course Name: Certificate Course in Geographic Information System

This course builds a foundation in GIS based spatial data modelling, analysis and visualisation. The students will gain understanding of

  • Tools and statistical methods using GIS Application.
  • 2D and 3D tools with designs and layout formation in Microstation.
  • Topology, Network analysis, Overlay analysis, working with excel sheet in AutoCAD Map.

In this course the students will learn how to use GPS technology for GIS mapping and integrate it with earth imagery with various localized data. The students will learn how to effectively use GIS skills in diverse fields such as urban planning, transportation and resource management.

  • 10th and 12th class students
  • Graduates, Post graduates
  • Computer Basics
# Topics Covered
ArcGIS Software
1 Introduction to GIS
2 Finding sources of geographic data
3 Creating geographic data and maps
4 Georeferencing
5 Clip, Mosaic
6 Understanding spatial and nonspatial data
7 Learning spatial analysis techniques
8 Understanding mapping and analysis
9 Working with data representation
10 Database creation and maintenance
11 Digital terrain analysis
12 Project assignment
AutoCAD Map Software            
1 Introduction of AutoCAD desktop
2 Basic elements of AutoCAD Map
3 Map creation
4 Topology Concepts & Procedure
5 Object Data Attachment
6 Working with Excel sheets by using tools
7 Analysis ( Network, Buffer, Overlay)
8 Query
9 Plotting Map Data
10 Exporting
11 Assignments
Microstation Software
1 Fundamentals of Microstation
2 2D tools & Designs
3 3D Tools & Designs
4 Drafting, Setting, Manipulating, Modifying of Elements
5 Design Composition
6 3D Modeling, Conversion, Dimensions
7 3D Accudraw Setting
8 Industrial Layout Design
9 Working with Sheet model
10 2D Assignments
11 3D Assignments
1 Introduction to ERDAS Imagine
2 Basic tools of ERDAS
3 Working with Raster Tools/applications
4 Working with Vector Tools/applications
5 Working with Terrain Tools/applications
6 Working with Manage Data Tools/applications
7 Raster Multispectral
8 Remote Sensing Theory

On completion of this course the students can work as

  • Spatial data interpreter
  • GIS analyst
  • GIS Operator

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