Course Name: Diploma in Web Development

The students will gain understanding of web architecture and essentials of web application development. The students will be able to develop rich server side application using Web Technologies

The students will learn the essentials of planning to execution a website. This course teaches management of website structure with navigation and importance of meta tags for optimisation.

The course empowers the students to have code control, this means they are not dependant on software generated website and can easily understand and fix errors on any webpage.

  • 10th and 12th class students
  • Undergraduates, graduates and post graduates
  • Job aspirants
  • Operating Computers
  • Knowledge of programming techniques would be an advantage
# Topics Covered  
1 Introduction to HTTP
2 Web Server and Web Browser
3 Object Oriented Concepts
4 Web Techniques
5 Web Services, Ajax & XML
6 Core JAVA
7 Overview, Objects & Classes
8 Inheritance, Interfaces and Inner Classes
9 Exception Handling, String, Streams & Files
10 Applets, AWT, MVC Architecture & Swings
13 HTML URL Encode, HTML Responsive.
14 JavaScript
15 JS Forms, Form Validation, JS HTML DOM
16 JS Browser BOM, JS Libraries, JS Jquery
17 CSS
18 Concept of Style Sheet, <div> and <span> Tags,
19 Transitions and Animations
21 Create and Drop Database
22 Create, Insert, Update, Delete, Alter Table
23 Primary Key, Foreign Key, Joins, Clauses
24 Views, Dates, Functions, Sequences, Wildcards.

Total no. Of hours                                     360hr

  • Web Developer
  • Web Interface Developer
  • PHP developer
  • Java Developer

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