Course Name: Certificate Course in Web Designing (Using HTML)

Certificate Course in Web Designing intends to provide in depth knowledge of web designing and building effective user experience.The course aims to equip the students for various careers in web designing.

The students will learn the essentials of planning to execution a website. This course teaches management of website structure with navigation and importance of meta tags for optimisation.

The course empowers the students to have code control, this means they are not dependant on software generated website and can easily understand and fix errors on any webpage.

  • 10th and 12th class students
  • Undergraduates, graduates and post graduates
  • Job aspirants

Computer basics:

  • Operating in windows environment
  • Use of MS Office
# Topics Covered  
1 Basics of internet
2 Understanding Internet and web browsers
3 Introduction to HTML and tags
4 Introduction to Dreamweaver
5 Using Dreamweaver to built website
6 Working with colours and using heading styles, blockquotes and formatting tags
7 Forms Designing
8 Embedding media such as images, video and sound
9 Project assignment

On completion of this course the students can work as

  • Web Designer
  • HTML programmer
  • Template designer
  • Website quality testing professional
  • Blog manager

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