English has become one of the most important languages. So, we at MITCON e-school have designed spoken English classes to cater to the needs of aspirants who wish to speak fluent language. MITCON aims to create an environment that is interactive and makes the whole learning process fun and educational. With this course, the aspirant’s English language abilities will be boosted enormously, thus enhancing communication.

Duration: 2 months


  • Basic Preparation

This module is all about introduction to English with simple greetings, basic sentences, structuring conversations and building confidence. This module also consists of working on errors, boosting reading and listening skills.

  • English Proficiency

In this module, we undertake oral practice sessions wherein we emphasise on strengthening spoken communication skills. Furthermore, we head to listening skills, voice clarity, accent training, etc. For this, we include speaking on various topics and emphasise on basic sounds in English. This also includes voice modulation along with intonation.

  • Written Communication

Written communication plays a pivotal role in business communication and so we shed light on merits and demerits of written communication. We help you frame sentences and general vocabulary that boosts your written communication to the fullest. Alongside, we also conduct group discussions, to help develop a dynamic personality.

  • English Grammar

This module covers a vast area like types of sentences – subject and predicate. Followed by various kinds of sentences, phrase, clause and tenses. We also help you with punctuation, articles and parts of speech to boost your vocabulary efficiency. In parts of speech, we descriptively highlight noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, conjunction, preposition, active voice, passive voice, types of sentences, sentence formation and elaborate writing techniques.

  • Grammar Practice

To gain mastery in English, we undertake practice sessions by framing various sentences. We give assignments wherein we judge student’s writing skills and their level of improvement.

  • Business Communication

In this module, we emphasise on basic business vocabulary including telephone manners, idioms, phonetics, collocation, case studies, reading and listening skills.

  • Assignment

Along with writing, we conduct public speaking sessions, wherein we help student master fluency when it comes to conversating. We give them topics and ask them to speak, so that we can know their development. Also, we give them writing assignment to check their writing skills – with this we can map their abilities.

  • This course can be attended by students – graduate, undergraduate, postgraduate; corporates, housewives, professionals who wish to master English language. Moreover, people who can read, speak, understand English but are unaware about various aspects of English especially grammar can opt for this course!

Q: Why should I opt this course?

A: Have you lost confidence while speaking English in public or confused about various rules of English grammar? Then, this course is apt for you because it will teach various aspects of English making you more confident.

Q: What extra benefits I get while pursuing your course?

A: Our staff is extremely well-trained and so they impart extra lessons for personality development and teach you varied behavioural aspects. This helps in successfully shaping your personality to face the world.

Q: How are the sessions designed?

A: The sessions are extremely interactive and consists of several practice sessions. Our staff is well-versed, experienced with methodologies, use latest teaching gears with audio-visual aid and vouch for personal guidance and personal attention to every student.

Q: What are the career opportunities after pursuing this course?

A: After mastering skill, you can start your career as an expert in communication or become a professional in voice process for the BPO sector.

MITCON e-school is one of the most trusted tutors when it comes to spoken English. Till date, we have helped thousands to achieve their dream of speaking fluent English. We have a gamut of testimonials that talk about our professionalism and expertise. Most importantly, we house a team of proficient staff who are not only experts but keep themselves updated with latest trends. Our study material is well-designed and well-structured complying with latest methodologies. Also, the classes conducted by MITCON e-school are structured as per the comfort of the students especially for working class.

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