Certificate Course in Programming (Using Core Java)

  1. Course Details

If you’re aiming for a career in software programming then a course in Java is the most profitable option. Java is a programming language that explicitly builds a strong foundation for students who aspire to make a career in mobile app development and web-based development. With our course, a student gets up-to-date knowledge about various essentials of core and advanced Java that are required to be become an ace developer. With this course, they not only learn about syntaxes but become well-versed with object-oriented principles and its execution by creating an application.

Duration: 2 months

  1. Course Syllabus 
  • Introduction to Java

In this module we give overview about the basics of Java with various layers of Java, JVM and Java’s Magic Byte code. This is followed by review Java, IDE, Packages and Jar Basics.

  • Core Java

In this we cover data type, variable, operator, expression, control flow statement, methods, objects and classes. We teach you implement Java objects, inheriting them, explore packages, exception handling and emphasise on object-oriented programming. We also elaborate input, output streams along with inner classes, threads, interfaces, serialisation, generics, etc.

  • Multithreading and Collections

In this module, we explore all about threading – especially about the needs of multi‐threaded programming along with thread priorities and its lifecycle. Furthermore, we explore about collection – its use, classes, map interface and collection classes.

  • Java Network Programming

We start with basics of networking and explore client‐server architecture. We impart overview of socket along with various networking interfaces and classes. We also focus on network protocols, alongside developing networking applications in Java.

  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

This module gives an overview of RDBMS, JDBC along with Call Level Interface (CLI). We explore the JDBC architecture, JDBC drivers, statements like PreparedStatement and CallableStatement. We also help you with fetching and inserting BLOB Columns, introduce you to varied features of JDBC and help with managing transactions in JDBC.

  • Java Servlets, Java Beans and Java Server Pages

Here we focus on fundamentals of servlets along with its lifecycle and architecture. We also emphasise on its implementation along with state management and configuration of web management. Alongside, emphasis is given on JSP architecture, JSP basics, syntax, JSP directive tags, action tags, etc. With this, we shed light on Java Beans architecture, its characteristic, properties and methods.

  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

We start with overview of RMI followed by understanding skeleton and stub. We help you write RMI program step-by-step and brief you about remote interfaces.

  • Java & XML

This module introduces XML furthermore elaborating about Document Object Model (DOM) using JAXP. We impart complete knowledge of DOM and ways of implementing it in Java. We focus on SAX in Java, help you understand SAX and programming with SAX.

  • Web Services and Hibernate

We help you learn about hibernate framework step-by-step and its implementation. Furthermore, focusing on hibernate mapping, query language, transaction, concurrency, caching, interceptors and events. This is complemented by understanding all about web services right from bottom up web services to top down web services.

  • Introduction to Struts

We start with basics of struts and guide you to build a simple struts application. Furthermore, we focus on struts sample applications, tags, tiles framework, validation, etc.

  • Assignments

We design assignment considering the industry demands. With these assignments we thoroughly prepare aspirant for the industry challenges.

  1. Who should attend?
  • 10th and 12th pass outs
  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Post-graduates
  • Job aspirants
  1. FAQ’S

Q: What are the pre-requisites for attending this course?

A: An aspirant should boast basic computer knowledge along with fundamentals of Java.

Q: What are the career opportunities after pursuing this course?

A: You can start a successful career as a Java Programmer or a Web Application Developer.

Q: What are the benefits after pursuing a course from your institute?

A: We strengthen your skillsets making you highly employable in the industry. We prepare you for the interviews, thus showcase your abilities effectively.

  1. Why Us?

MITCON e-school is well-equipped with efficient staff that implements practical approach. Our study material is updated from time to time as per the industry standards making you competent for a bright future.


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