Certificate Course in Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the one of biggest leap that human has undertaken. Today, used in various sectors like healthcare, finance, law, etc., AI has opened a plethora of avenues for job seekers and aspirants alike. And so, we at MITCON e-school have designed a course in AI that vouches for absolute knowledge and hands-on training. The course revises through various basic and advanced modules of AI, that helps the student get employable opportunities along with complete understanding.

http://thecoachy.com/the-coach-house-vegan-menu/ Duration: 2 months

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  • Introduction To AI

This module briefs you everything about AI, right from scratch. Alongside, we emphasise on history of AI, market trends, intelligent Agents, constraint-based reasoning, neural networks, perceptron, Feedforward Networks, Boltzmann machines and autoencoders

  • Deep Networks and Structured Knowledge

This module focuses on deep networks and learning, along with Blackboard systems, knowledge-based reasoning, first-order Logic and Theorem. Furthermore, emphasis is given on rule-based reasoning, structured knowledge – frames, cyc, conceptual dependency, reasoning with uncertainty, probability and factors of certainty. We also explore Bayesian Networks, understand sensor processing, natural language processing, analyse neural elements, recurrent network, etc.

  • AutoEncoders

This module starts with an overview of AutoEncoders, its intuition and planning. We throw light on hidden layers and various types of AutoEncoders like sparse, contractive, denoising, stacked and deep.

  • Perceptron Algorithm, ANN / MLP

In this module, we help you understand about the history of neural network and elaborate about Perceptron algorithm. We also cover Backpropagation Algorithm, disadvantages of Perceptron Algorithm and Artificial Neural Networks or Multilayer Perceptron. We make you understand various activation functions, Python code and R code.

  • Boltzmann Machines

This module mainly focuses on Energy-Based Models (EBM), explores Boltzmann Machine and Contrastive Divergence. Alongside, we also cover deep Boltzmann Machines, deep Belief Networks while building a Boltzmann Machine. We help you install Ubuntu on Windows and also PyTorch.

  • Selection of model and boosting

This module covers all about K-Fold cross validation of Python. We explore grid search in R, grid search in Python and K-Fold cross validation in R. Alongside, we explore concepts like XGBoost and its implementation in Python and R.

  • AI Game Playing and Advanced Techniques

This module primarily starts with exploration of Q-learning, exploitation, model ensembling and experience replay.

  • Various Tools

This module explains about various advanced and AI tools like NumPly, Pandas, Keras, Tensorflow, Apache Spark, SciPy, Python, R, Scala, etc.

  • Natural Language Processing

This module focuses on natural language processing in Python, R, explores deep learning along with artificial neural networks. Furthermore, emphasis is given on ANN intuition, study of Neuron, Activation Function, Gradient Descent, Plan of Attack and Backpropagation.

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Aspirants who have special interest towards AI, machine learning can opt for this course. It’s a boon for Robotic Engineers, Python developers and graduates of all discipline.

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watch Q: Why should I choose this course from MITCON?

Order Adipex P 37.5Mg A: MITCON e-school is an apt medium to gain skill that keeps one updated with the industry trends of AI. Most importantly, we give you liberty to learn at your own stride.

http://thistleinitiatives.co.uk/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1571080480.3564269542694091796875 Q: What are the pre-requisites to pursue this course?

see A: An aspirant that boasts basic knowledge of mathematics or even programming language can opt for this course. Inquisitiveness and willingness to learn AI can be an added advantage!

go to link Q: Will I get a certification on completion of the course?

Buy Soma Now A: Yes, after submission of assignments, completing your said hours, we MITCON present you with a certificate of completion.

http://sunsauna.fi/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1571079583.2073040008544921875000 Q: What are the career opportunities after pursuing this course?

go here A: With our course, you become fit to bag job in private as well as public sectors.

  1. Buy Diazepam Next Day Review Why Us?

We believe in tailor-made curriculum and so our course is designed as per the industry standards. Moreover, at MITCON e-school, the participants get a chance to access study material at any given point of time. We also give post-training support thus helping you cope with the industry challenges while looking out for job opportunities. Above all, we boast some of the best trainers who have absolute knowledge about AI and its functionalities. Our trainers make use of practical learning with the help of assignment that assure hands-on experience.

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